Ongoing Pandemic Continues to Affect Live Oak County Appraisal District Operations 2021


The Live Oak County Appraisal District remains deeply concerned with the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages the public to follow recommendations from the state and local health authorities.  Due to the extent and severity of the outbreak as well as future developments that are not yet known, the Live Oak County Appraisal District will operate in an altered state from what is considered normal.  We are recommending the following actions at this time for the health and well-being of everyone in our community:



The District requests that property owners file their protests by forms that are accessible through our website.  Filing a protest online minimizes the need to come to our office to interact with staff and other members of the general public.  You may file your protest, upload evidence, receive our evidence and accept or reject offers to settle the case from your own home via email or fax.  You will receive email updates periodically as important information about your case is available for you to view.  Once settled, there is no need for a formal hearing and therefore, you will not need to visit our office to resolve your protest.  Directions regarding the use of the system are included with your notice of appraised value or you may view helpful step-by-step videos that are available on our website:  Working with our staff remotely is a significant way to avoid opportunities with the potential to spread illnesses.  An added benefit of online protest is the avoidance of frustration caused by limited parking at the LOCAD office.  Please do not wait until the deadline to file in case you experience technical difficulties.



In the event that you are unable or do not wish to protest online, please mail your protest, including any information that would be helpful to resolve the case, to our office.  If you mail information, be sure to include a phone number and/or email address on the protest form in the event that staff may need to contact you.  Historically, there has been a significant number of individuals who drop off their protests at our location on the protest deadline and this is being discouraged.  If you are determined to drop off the information, there is a drop box located outside of the front door where you can drop your protest even though the lobby remains closed.  If you wish to retain a copy of your protest, please make a copy prior to filing your protest as LOCAD staff will NOT be providing copies of protest forms or notices this year.  You may fax your protest to (361) 449-2774.  Protests are considered timely if they are POSTMARKED prior to midnight on the protest deadline, so there is no need to hand-deliver the form.



Based on the extent of the COVID-19 continued outbreak, LOCAD may be confronted with not being able to provide face to face informal settlement meetings between property owners and appraisal staff members.  During this heightened state of health alert, we ask that property owners use our website for online protests as much as possible to file and resolve protests as opposed to physically visiting our office.  With regard to Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Hearings, phone hearings are now available as are remote hearings via Zoom upon request and these may be preferred method if the health alert continues or is escalated.  You may send an affidavit to the ARB instead of appearing in person for a formal hearing.  Additional information regarding ARB hearing requirements will be mailed after a protest is filed and a hearing date is scheduled.  In-person ARB formal hearings may be allowed as necessary or requested.


We appreciate everyone’s concerns and patience regarding this continued health threat and have made these requests not only for the health and welfare of the general public but our staff as well.  Please be patient as it will likely take more time to process protests this year than you have been accustomed.  If you have any questions, you may call customer service at (361) 449-2641 ext. 2 or via email


Please monitor our website: and in the media in general for any breaking news concerning LOCAD’s day to day operations as this situation is constantly changing.


Official date of document:  04/14/2021